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Learn to craft your own 2D and 3D computer games by working through core concepts such as animation, audio, shaders, GUI, lights, cameras, and scripting to create your own games with Unity 5. Completely re-written to cover the new features of Unity 5, this book is a great resource for all Unity game developers, from those who have recently started using Unity right up to Unity professionals.

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The first half of the book focuses on core concepts of 2D game design while the second half focuses on developing 3D game development skills. In the first half, you will discover the new GUI system, the new Audio Mixer, external files, and animating 2D characters in 2D game development.

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As you progress further, you will familiarize yourself with the new Standard Shaders, the Mecanim system, Cameras, and the new Lighting features to hone your skills towards building 3D games to perfection. Finally, you will learn non-player character control and explore Unity 5's extra features to enhance your 3D game development skills.

Each chapter first introduces the topic area and explains how the techniques covered can enhance your games.

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Every recipe provides step-by-step instructions, followed by an explanation of how it all works, and useful additional refinements or alternative approaches. Every required resource and C script fully commented is available to download, enabling you to follow each recipe yourself. Matt Smith is a computing academic from Dublin, Ireland. In Matt started computer programming on a ZX80 and for his 'O-level' computing certificate aged 16 he submitted 2 games for his programming project work. On a succession of scholarships he managed to spend almost 10 years as a full time student, gaining BA Hons , then MSc then PhD degrees in computing and artificial intelligence.

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  5. He then became a full-time lecturer. Every Unity game developer is different. Some come from a multimedia background, some are new to game development, and some are transferring from other engines. Whatever your background, with the breadth and depth of topics covered you should find new features and techniques to enhance your next game.

    This book offers detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes helping you master a wide range of Unity game features.

    Unity 4.x Cookbook

    Chapters are provided focusing on the basics; audio, cameras, images, materials and animations, GUIs, external resources and devices, directional and artificial intelligence character control, and performance optimization. From beginners to advanced users, from artists to coders, this book is for you and everyone in your team!

    This book is for anyone who wants to explore a wide range of Unity scripting and multimedia features and to find ready to use solutions to many game features. Programmers can explore multimedia features, and multimedia developers can try their hand at scripting.