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Unquenchable Fire

Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Our Stores. Results for - lamb. Sandy and her team come out and minister this year. We heard a powerful exposition of the suffering of the Father and the Son at the Cross. It was totally life-changing, opening our hearts to the transforming power of the resurrection as a result.

The fire of God fell on us all, and we saw people saved, healed, and set free. Sandy Kirk and especially the message that the Lord has put heavily on her heart. The message of the Lamb and the CUP He drank for us is essential to experiencing the pure love of God and to softening the heart. Her book, The Glory of the Lamb, is full of passion for Jesus, and it is gives an extremely necessary revelation. Sandy Kirk is an amazing woman whose heart has been completely transformed by the sacrifice of Jesus.

Her Teaching, Preaching and Writing are amazing.

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In fact they are dangerous and just may change you forever. She preaches the purest gospel you will ever hear. Founder of We See Jesus Ministries. This has taken us on a whole journey of discovering afresh much neglected truths of the wonder of our salvation, which are so vital to the body of Christ today.

Jubilee Church, Devon, England. She is a good mother and a good friend. Praise God! I had been searching for years on how to stay passionate for God. We had many ministerial responsibilities and at times found it difficult to stay focused in our personal relationship with the Lord. Light a flame in my soul for every eye to see!

We need a fresh experience revival of the original Pentecost experience that we received when we were born again and filled with the Spirit. We need the same fire from the 2,year-old Pentecost that the disciples and early church received. It burns in us still and needs to be ablaze again like an unquenchable, contagious flame.

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We need to believe God that His outpouring on "all flesh" will manifest itself in its fullness again. There are some things that God is releasing fresh now and He is pouring out His Spirit on the church. When I talk about a "full Pentecost," I'm not just talking about power, revival, harvest, signs, and wonders. I'm talking about visions, dreams, prophecy, encounters, heavenly signs above, and wonders beneath.

We need to believe God for all the signs of a full Pentecost again. We need a new fresh outpouring like in the days of Evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter!

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They say in her meetings people had regular open visions and even sometimes hundreds at a time were slain in trances like dead men. They described detailed visions of Jesus, angels, hell, and heaven after being in the revival atmosphere. I want an outpouring of power and an outpouring of fresh, supernatural encounters with heaven. I'm not preaching a denomination or organization, but a hunger for a fresh experience with the fire that comes by the Spirit of God.