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Since then land has been reclaimed, huge high rise buildings have gone up, some of the most expensive property in the world. However in a corner of the former beach the fishermen who have always fished here live. One of took me to his dingy shack, which was terribly overcrowded. Six of them were living in a small room. But he felt no anger for the high rise properties dwarfing him - it seemed to be part of the price of change. American goods and services are popular in modern India After all in his little room he had a fridge and television.

He could vote and always voted, in contrast to his richer neighbours who often felt they could bypass democracy by bribing the right officials. In many ways my old school friends best illustrate the changes that have come over India in the last few decades. Munir Visram, my oldest friend, has lived in the same Bombay flat since independence.

It was on his balcony that I first heard an Elvis record. Unlike me he never wanted to leave India.

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Today, thanks to a booming economy and no problems of foreign exchange, he has travelled to more parts of the world than I have and proudly displays his Indian passport. British legacy My generation was brought up on stories of the Indian freedom movement also saw Britain as setting the standards. We worshipped Mahatma Gandhi as the father of the nation but lined up to see the Queen when she visited India.

The modern generation does not feel that special relationship with Britain.

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It is America with its culture, its goods, its services and its values that attract. The British legacy like cricket and clubs are cherished but the Raj is a distant memory. This was brought home when Joy Bhaumick, my cousin by marriage and secretary of the Bengal club took me on a tour of this great symbol of the raj. No building in Calcutta was allowed to be higher than the Bengal club and no Indian allowed as member.

The first Indian did not become a member until eleven years after independence. In another country this symbol of colonial oppression might have been demolished. In India it has been cherished. All the British traditions from the dress code down to the Christmas lunch with turkey is maintained.

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India accepts what happened during the Raj and moves on. It is a very Indian way of coming to terms with its convoluted, often tortured past. Most Popular Now 56, people are reading stories on the site right now. Low graphics Accessibility help. News services Your news when you want it. News Front Page. E-mail this to a friend Printable version.

  1. Vivekananda he kindled the spirit of modern India.
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  4. Shopping mall development is a growth industry in India. The Ambassador car was once one of two makes of car allowed in India. Poverty can still be seen along Mumbai sea front.

    Raja Rammohun: Father of modern India

    American goods and services are popular in modern India. India marks independence day. Cheering the spirit of India. In pictures: India celebrates. Indian press pride. Pakistan marks 60th anniversary. Partition marked in London. Anglo-Indians defy stereotypes.

    The Spirit of Indian Painting

    Partitioning India over lunch. Mixed feelings at Wagah border. Can India close the wealth gap?

    Pakistan stuck in a rut. Why Indian Muslims lag. Troubled waters in Bangladesh. Partition's bitter political legacy.

    TEDxNSIT-Professor Rinku Lamba-The Ideas of Freedom in Modern India

    An introduction to modern Indian thought which establishes the historical context in which Indian thinkers of the past century developed their ideas, showing how they comprise a coherent vision that is both Indian and contemporary. This introduction to modern Indian thought establishes the historical context in which Indian thinkers of the past century developed their ideas, showing how those ideas comprise a coherent vision that is both Indian and contemporary. The Spirit of Modern India offers a full treatment of these ideas in an intelligible and concise approach and format.

    Despite a growing interest in Indian thought and life, the best writings of major twentieth-century thinkers have not been well presented within their cultural framework. This is the first single volume to offer such a wide representation of India's experience and scholarship through traditional and contemporary strains as articulated by her greatest modern thinkers. The period designated 'modern' refers to the remarkable century between the mids and the mids. These writings are arranged according to each era of Indian thought and culture -- philosophy, religion, ethics, education, aesthetics and national vision.

    Each is introduced to illuminate the material and put the selections into their historical and cultural context. A chronology lists important dates and works of major authors and dates related to Indian and Western intellectual history. A glossary of important names and terms makes the more technical selections readily accessible. The bibliography will guide the reader to further reading. Vishwanath S. He has lectured in various countries and worked as a visiting professor at several colleges and universities in the US. In addition to philosophy and religion, Dr Naravane taught courses in Indian history, art and literature.