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April Following on the success of This Is How You Kill — over 80, copies sold, leaping straight to the top places in the book charts, one of the most powerful voices on the Italian scene is back with us again. Rome is in the hands of a murderer, a monster capable of giving a shape to darkness. A shadow of madness and terror that comes to life in the ritual of killing.

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He transforms himself and transfigures his victims into works inspired by classical mythology: Laocoon, the Siren, the Minotaur…. But these are just clues with no apparent sense behind them, unless one is able to interpret them. To analyse the crime scene. And come up with a profile.

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Or perhaps of his whole life. Founded in in California, 2 Seas Agency has managed to implement a new way of selling foreign rights.

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We opened our European office in Portugal in , headed by Junior Agent Chrysothemis Armefti, and have worked remotely with interns based in amongst others Brazil, France, Scotland, and Italy. You must be logged in to post a comment. Geek Girl Authority Follow. Rebecca Ferguson is amazing in this movie. Cat mom, panda enthusiast, and Batman lover living in a galaxy far, far away About The Author.

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Erin Lynch Cat mom, panda enthusiast, and Batman lover living in a galaxy far, far away Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. These gestures are multifarious.

They unfold according to a constant yet extremely variable concept. First, in this unfolding, the gesture of throwing, applying a shape, usually black, sometimes of an intense blue, a tender and acid green, or a earth-like red, in general in a non-central part of the piece of paper. The shape that appears is essentially undecided, in the sense that it must not represent this or that, even from a distance. For Soo Kyoun Lee, the gesture dictates the shape, or, more exactly, it is the action which determines the initial shape of each drawing, with the force it unfolds and the decision it embodies.

The second gesture is multiple.

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It consists in a set of movements that give birth to the lines. The multiplicity of these lines is the real indication concerning their status. In the strict sense, they do not draw anything, they open out, give birth to sets, nets, balls, stretched lines, but in a stratum where, in the form of signs, they have no sense.

Not marking any shape out, but entering in relationship with the initial shape, these lines do not aim at placing themselves in the field of representation, but in the one of presence. Soo Kyoung Lee, with her drawings, unfolds the shapes of a pure artistic language.