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Last year Ofcom revealed that, despite its onslaught of buzzy originals, the most popular show on Netflix was Friends. The amount of money that Friends still generates is staggering, which means that the cast will be extraordinarily well compensated for their reunion. The bigger question, though, is whether or not the Friends reunion special will be any good.

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At least this one is easy to answer. An unscripted special is a horrible hinterland of an idea.

That whole thing was a diabolical mess from start to finish. The cast looked awkward and ill-prepared. The host kept confusing the actors with the characters they played. The audience — who thought they had been sold a proper, scripted reunion episode — were vocal about how cheated and short-changed they felt. It reached number two on both the Billboard and the UK Albums Chart, selling more than four million copies worldwide. Since going their separate ways the group's members - including Frank Iero, Ray Toro and Mikey Way - have pursued other musical projects.

The streaming service has ordered a second season of the show starring Ellen Page, which is expected to air next year. Tickets for the reunion gig go on sale on 1 November. Listen to Newsbeat live at and weekdays - or listen back here.

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The year-old Cambridge University graduate was fatally stabbed alongside Jack Merritt. My Chemical Romance are back for a reunion show 1 November View this post on Instagram. Demand was so high that many dates quickly sold out and new dates in London were immediately announced after the first date at The O2 Arena sold out in only 38 seconds. The show begins with a video introduction of five young girls playing inside a house when they find a magic box.

When they open it fireworks appear, the five girls all wish to become pop stars when they grow up, then an instrumental of "Spice Up Your Life" begins as various music videos and press headlines about the Spice Girls are shown, as the video ends the Spice Girls enter the stage on five platforms and perform " Spice Up Your Life " they then perform a mashup of their hit " Stop " and "It's Like That" by Jason Nevins and Run-DMC , which famously blocked "Stop" from the number 1 position on the UK Singles Chart.

After the girls introduce themselves at the end of the second song they perform " Say You'll Be There " remixed with " Fix " by Blackstreet.

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Their reunion single " Headlines Friendship Never Ends " is the last song in the first act. An up-tempo jazz version of " Too Much " is performed with the group dressed in tuxedos, while doing a striptease behind neon pink-coloured, heart-shaped doors. The third act begins with a video of falling money and the titles Baby, Posh, Sporty, Scary and Ginger appear on the screen with their signature themes.

Halliwell then enters the stage wearing a sequin Union Jack dress, while Bunton wears a small pink coat, and Chisholm appears wearing a sports track suit. Beckham then appears wearing a little black lace dress, while Brown wears her trademark leopard print catsuit, and the group perform " Who Do You Think You Are ". The song symbolises the height of the Spice Girls in their heyday. Brown then performs solo, taking a male member of the audience and subsequently chains him to a ladder as she performs a cover of " Are You Gonna Go My Way " by Lenny Kravitz.

Are You The One? Season 8 Reunion - FULL CAST!!!

Bunton gives a s inspired performance of her hit " Maybe ". Halliwell returns from under the stage at the end of the song. The five girls come together holding hands and walk to the center stage, raising their hands to signify the reunion as a five piece and their bond. They then perform " Mama " with personal photographs of themselves with their mothers and children. The girls then perform " Goodbye ".

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The encore begins with a Humpty Dance interlude by the dancers as it segues into "If U Cant Dance" with the girls wearing a different coloured robe. The girls then take off their robes to reveal glittery outfits: Brown in gold, Halliwell in blue, Chisholm in orange, Beckham in green, and Bunton in pink. They then perform their biggest hit and debut single " Wannabe ".

Finally they perform a heavily remixed version of "Spice Up Your Life". At the end, a cannon exploded showering the stage with pieces of gold, white and black paper strips, while flags from different countries flashed across the backdrop screens. In late , a fake email was posted by Perez Hilton on his site saying the Spice Girls had cancelled the Buenos Aires date, [14] causing an official statement to be released saying that Buenos Aires and the other world tour dates were being finalized. BBC Radio 2 recorded the shows on 15 and 16 December.

The Reunion Beatles - Fantasy Tribute - The Folly Theater, Kansas City

An hour-long "highlights special" was broadcast on 22 and 31 December , that included eleven of the twenty-two songs performed. However, Melanie Brown confirmed on her website that footage of the tour was recorded but the quality was poor and they felt it was wrong to release a DVD for local distribution. Because the tour sold out quickly, it was impossible to have empty seats and make room for cameramen and extra lighting, making it impossible to film a high quality DVD.