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Want to know more? Given the weird time distillation of comics in Immortal Iron Fist , Danny is in his early 30s, despite having appeared in Iron Fist comics for nearly 40 years before that series , just how long Orson Randall lived is up in the air. After accidentally killing one of his fellow living weapons during an attempt to force him to participate, Orson fled. After Lei-Kung tracked him down and discovered the state Orson was in, he took pity on the Iron Fist and reported him as dead, leaving the chance for a new champion to confront Shou-Lao it turns out that multiple Iron Fists can exist at the same time—but there is a blinding, almost fatal level of pain in both users wielding the fist within proximity of each other, which is why Danny managed to wield it just fine with Orson still alive.

Despite going through rigorous training and tournaments to earn the honor to fight Shou-Lao, Wendell declined—crippled by self-doubt after Orson spent years telling him that the power of the Iron Fist was a curse not worth chasing. Instead, Wendell returned to Earth, becoming the head of the Rand Corporation.

But Orson himself learned that technique from the other past Iron Fist mentioned in the show But during that process, Wu fell in love with a local fisherman, and eventually married him. The land where the park exists today was claimed by John Anderson Penn in the s whose family used it for farming. Penn was a slave owner. The report documented that John Anderson Penn and his four sons purchased several slaves in For example, Joseph R.

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However, slavery also caused serious problems for the Penn family. None of the interpretive exhibits at the Penn Farm or information in the brochures contained any reference about slavery, as if the Penn family never owned any slaves. We can forgive African Americans for disregarding a park system that refuses to acknowledge the people who toiled, bled, sweat, cried, agonized, and were raped and killed on its soil. Meanwhile, park officials from local to national levels have historically done a poor job , even today , of coming up with ways to make parks more welcoming to African Americans.

One need only recall the tragic story of the Central Park Five to understand how parks foster the unfair criminalization of black and Latino youth. But neither do its members shy away from the trails of racism lining their outdoor journeys. We've grown up hearing things that have happened to black people in the woods…. Historically, we've disappeared in the woods.

We've been lynched. We feel safer in cities. We still enjoy nature, but in a safer, easier way.

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People want to get out more, but they don't know what to do or where to start. Star Kingdom. Launched in , Star Kingdom is my latest science fiction series, a mix between Star Wars and Big Bang Theory where the smart geeky heroes get to save the day. Shockwave — Book 1.

Hero Code — Book 3. Knight Protector this is a stand-alone story with new characters who will also pop up in Book 6 of the main series. Published in , this series is a mix of high fantasy, mystery, and romance! Eye of Truth Book 1. Torrent — Book 1. Dark Currents EE2. Deadly Games EE3. Conspiracy EE4. Blood and Betrayal EE5. Beneath the Surface a novella but really EE5. Forged in Blood I EE6. Republic an adventure set shortly after EE7. Shadows over Innocence a free Sicarius background story. Ice Cracker II and other short stories. Solstice Day Gifts short story.

All of the major characters are different, though a certain assassin plays a role in the back half of the book. Enigma a short story that takes place between Encrypted and Decrypted. The sequel to Encrypted, Decrypted , is now available. Warrior Mage Book 1. Flash Gold. These are steampunk novellas in a series featuring a precocious young tinkerer named Kali, and her bounty hunting business partner, Cedar.

The stories are set in the Yukon during the Gold Rush Era. Under the Ice Blades novella and Book 5. Raptor Book 6. Soulblade Book 7. Shattered Past a stand-alone novel set after Book 7. Oaths Book 8. A spinoff of my Dragon Blood series, these five books take place a few years after the original series and feature new characters but Jaxi, Sardelle, Ridge, etc. Dragon Storm Book 1. The Goblin Brothers Adventures. These are short fantasy stories featuring a pair of geeky goblin heroes.

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Some of the stories were originally published at GoblinBrothers. Need something to read? She also writes fantasy novels of her own that are available for the kindle and other e-book […]. Thank you very much for Emperors Edge. I enjoy it very much. I also really like archaeology so the new series sounds great. Thanks for writing your books.

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Love your books! Thanks, Em! It takes a while for the books to make their way over to iTunes, but they get there eventually. Republic and Flash Gold 4 just dug this out and started working on it again are on the slate for this spring. Since the Flash Gold story is a novella, it might even be the next thing ready to go.

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Hi Lindsay! I started with EE 1 and finished with Wounded. I only wanted you to know that your market strategies worked out fine with me.

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  4. I think you should try to get them on TV as a series or into a movie. Thanks for checking out those freebies. Okay — read the first 7 EE books in a week. Please get your editor to work overtime to get the next big book out. Thanks for writing them, I loved every word. Amazing story line!!!! Book 2, Deathmaker, will actually be ready to go soon. Thanks for reading and posting here! Arggggg, I am in trouble because I just finished Deathmaker and it went far too quickly.

    The references to having Dragonsblood in your veins is intriguing as are musings about Meks sister. Lindsay, jus read blades edge. Just have to say I read EE all the way through, then turned around and immediately re-read the whole series again. Most adventure stories it seems any romance is based on proximity as the major factor, but I really enjoyed how they actually seemed to complement each other.

    Loved the witty repartee throughout, too. Just a wonderful series! Thank you, Dana. Than you for reading, Patty!

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    Hi Matthewe, thanks for checking out the stories! You are an amazing author, I started with torrent anthe the next two in the series. Thank you for the kind words, Tracy.

    I may read it anyway. Hi, Code!