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Hey Marie. Do I get my life coaching degree? Do I train myself by researching the crap out of life coaching and take on clients for free? Brittany, when it comes to speaking, you can do it now. Also, Marie has suggested that you video every event you speak at and also interview audience members for testimonials.

Good point… have you researched Life Coach certification programs? I too have been inspiring people, especially co-workers, for free for many years now. It has really been in the past few years that people have taken action on that inspiration and done something with it and now seek me out for more guidance and want me to write a book! Great Advice for the young and ambitious! You will get there!!!! Hi Marie, Great advice this morning! I am new to your website.

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This video is VERY timely for me too. I have been searching for a way to share my passion with others. I am not a life coach and I am not in my twenties, but have had a passion for animals, their rights and the way they are treated…well, forever! I have been a teacher and am not a full time mom, and my seven year old daughter shares my passion for animals and animal rights.

She is right there beside me in all the fundraisers we do!! I have been involved, and am well informed, on what is going on in the sad and horrendous world of animal abuse. My goal is to speak to children, starting at a young age, about animals and the way they should be treated.

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Maybe even do a video too. I guess my question is-how do I approach the principle of a school where I would like to speak. Animals rights is a very controversial concept for some.


This is not about making money. Any money that I might make in the future, would be donated to a local rescue. In my heart, I know this is my passion, and feel that we need to educated children on this topic.

Hi Marianne! Thanks for your comment. The one thing they ALL say is that if you have a message and passion to speak, do it.

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Choose a location, a time and a topic and share it with everyone you know. Who knows?! The rest of the path will open up once you begin! I loved this post, I started doing internal coaching in my previous organization and then did my coaching course. Its been now 4 weeks where I quit my job and working on it full time.

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I have had to revamp my simple template to making sure that it showcased my credibility and places i have been featured etc. Hi Marie, Thanks for your video. I coached at least a couple of dozen of people before I started charging. That took me about a year of work without getting paid, but I was loving every second of it! I also gave many talks and workshops on my subject for free in different parts of the world, to gain experience and get my name out there.

Nowadays I charge, but I would never change those years of getting my skills sharpened through doing free work. Love it! Thanks, Mercedes. Great Episode! I tottally agree! I accomplished all of this before I even realized that I could c. It took me 13 years of, school, hard earned life lessons and work from a Variety of business models before I was able to open my doors and thrive as a business. So get out there!

Get some experience and then give it away for Free before you start charging! Sending Marie and Team all of my love and gratitude! I would not be here today if it were not for your wonderful videos! In times past, I tried to share my knowledge base with people. I found that people did not want my advice or comment. So, I have learned to comment when asked or when people want to hear from me on a topic. As for becoming a consultant, I never really gave it any thought.

“I Have No Experience, But I Want To Be a Coach.” Here’s What To Do.

I feel very strongly that people should not be coaches until they have accomplished something in that field. While it is true that many great coaches in sports have not been top athletes themselves, they were at one time athletes out there playing the game long before they became coaches. You simply cannot charge people as a business coach if you are broke and have never run a business yourself. Many people do so and claim to have had far more success, exaggerate their business success, in order to get their first clients. Marie personally would never hire this girl. Marie suggests that we hire people who have actually achieved success in that field.

So… just find that interesting. Who knows what this woman will go on to be with some experience under her belt? She may very well be a business coaching powerhouse. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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Marie, this subject really hit close to home for me because it is exactly the approach I took when I realized I wanted to coach others on marketing technology. Outside of my marketing degree, I knew I needed REAL experience and results, and I have spent a little over a year and a half doing all the work I could for free. With several case studied under my belt, I am on the verge of launching my website now, jonesfordesign. Love the advise. There are a lot of people in the world who sell products to teach people how to coach or consult that say, just charge a lot, your clients will think your experienced based on that.

Yet others indicate that the way become an expert is to study then go do, but never indicate doing it at no cost to gain experience and credibility.

So when I came up with an idea of creating a course this Autumn for women who want to start their own business and need a safe group to test their ideas I solved the problem of me not being an expert in the business field by hooking up with a friend who has had her own business for 5 years. But I could still share a lot of nuggets on money, marketing, selling, communication and so on that I have educated myself in these past years.

But always being honest about the fact that I at the starting point of the course, did indeed not have a business of my own. But that I wanted to start one. And then actually did that. I started the same way — By training my friends for free.

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  • They got a free personal trainer, I got free experience. It worked really well for all parties involved! Sounds dubious.