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Every body in town thinks she broke Adams heart by sleeping with his best friend and then leaving town with him, but Brynn is the only one who knows the real story but she doesn't try to change their opinions, to protect Adam and her son. When the towns "golden boy" is murdered in a fire, secrets begin to unravel and Adam and Brynn start to get closer again.

I really liked Brynn, she was willing to make herself look bad for the sake of someone she loved. She was very selfless in her actions to protect Adam and her son. Adam is a heartbroken man in many ways, he's lost his brother and he also lost Brynn, at first as expected he isn't very nice to Brynn but then his feelings for her begin to creep up again and when he realises she is not what he thinks things start to develop again.

I rally enjoyed this book, it was funny, heart wrenching! And a genuinely good read 5 stars Jun 05, Margreet Asselbergs rated it it was ok.

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Adam suffered through years of heartache after Brynn left him with unanswered questions all those years ago. The two have to work together to find an arsonist who killed Adam's brother, but it is not that easy to leave the past behind. And as it turns out, along with her son, Brynn has brought back a secret as devastating to those she loves and herself, as it is revealing.

This was an easy read, no real brain power required, but very entertaining nonetheless. The story plot was good, overall a tad predictable as is often the case in romantic stories, but the suspense part was surprising.

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It was well written with just a few editing issues that would be fairly easy to clean up. Brynn was likeable enough, although her need to keep secrets 'for the greater good' is something that goes against my nature and that irritated me, since of course it only lead to more confusion and heartache than was necessary.

I found Adam to be a bit of a momma's boy I mean, what self-respecting thirty-something year old still lives with his mom at home?

But in the end he salvages his reputation and steps up to the plate, and the message is a good one I guess As for heat? Apr 25, K. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was an Amazon freebie and I had feeble hopes for it. But I was pleasantly surprised. I liked this book though the drama was a bit much. The plot was a dark one and made super uncomfortable often times.

Then again, I didn't grow up in such a small judgmental town.

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Not sure how this town managed to stay stuck in the dark ages in terms of their mentalities towards women and small-town justice. And it did disturb me that while I liked This was an Amazon freebie and I had feeble hopes for it. And it did disturb me that while I liked Adam, he kept inadvertently hurting Brynn physically.

It appalling that Brynn was not properly educated on what constitutes consensual sex. I know it happens, but I guess it was still shocking. At any rate, it was sometimes difficult for me to relate to Brynn's past. I was disgusted at the action's of Adam's brother and the unwillingness of his mother to turn Zeke into the authorities.

I'm also not a big fan of books in which a character refuses to tell a major secret, i. Adam's heartbreak over Brynn, his disillusionment with his seemingly perfect brother, and chasing down his brother's killer, was a page-turner. Ultimately, I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a night. I'd read another book by Crystal-Rain Love for sure. May 17, Amy Barber rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this story. It was a romance and a mystery all wrapped up in one. Brynn left town as a teenager when she became pregnant it was a VERY conservative town and she left her high school sweetheart behind without telling him any of her reasons for leaving.

She left him broken. Fast forward 13 years and this small town has an arsonist on the loose. Brynn is an experienced PI and volunteer fire fighter and is brought in to assist the town's only fire investigator, Adam. Adam is the b I really enjoyed this story. Adam is the boy she left behind, but he is certainly not a boy anymore. They, obviously, find it hard to work together and it leads to lots of conflict and passion.

One of the things that bugged me about the story was her reasons for keeping her secret.

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As you can figure, it all eventually comes out, but there are just some things that need to be shared, sooner rather than later and I hated that it took so long to come out. I was drawn in by Brynn and Adam, loved the supporting characters as well as the mystery that they worked to solve.

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Brynn and Adam were an interesting couple. Brynn left the town that she grew up in for a lot of reasons. Brynn was a young kid when she left and thought she was doing the right thing. By the time she realized that she might have made a mistake, it was too late.

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Adam was a good guy. He hated Brynn for what he thought she had done. Once they faced each other again though it was obvious that they still had feelings for each other. My feelings kept going back and forth between the two characters. Sometimes I sympathized with Adam and got frustrated with Brynn, but it went both ways.

They were both basically torturing each other and themselves and I really wanted to step in and tell them that they really needed to talk because they both had it wrong.

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Other than that aspect, I really liked the twists, turns, deceit and revelations that took place. I liked most of the characters and the bad guys were really, really easy to hate. I also like the way that not everything was revealed right away. Readers were caught as off guard at least this one was about some of the revelations that the characters were. In The Fires Still Burns it worked for me.

Mar 24, Karysa Faire rated it liked it Shelves: indie-authors. Backstory: dreams are dashed for reasons I won't write because I don't want to give anything away and a hoped-for path in life is demolished. Current story: picking up the pieces of those demolished dreams when heroine and hero are forced back together. A very emotional, heart-wrenching story of redemption that I enjoyed reading I must have--I stayed up until 3 AM to finish it! It is a page-turner with strong ish main characters.

The hero and heroine clearly are smitt Backstory: dreams are dashed for reasons I won't write because I don't want to give anything away and a hoped-for path in life is demolished. The hero and heroine clearly are smitten with one another and it's fun to see how they work through the trauma of both the past and present to finally be together.

I waffled back and forth between a 3 and 4 star rating because the secondary characters are all caricatures of personalities. There's the bible-thumpers, the surly-but-good-hearted sheriff, the golden-boy-who's-not-so-golden, etc. They all have a necessary role in the story but I would have preferred a bit more complexity and depth to their personalities.

In particular, the hero comes from a pretty messed-up family but he is so gosh-darn normal. There has to be a reason for that--either he is extraordinarily heroic in overcoming the family background, or there were redeemable aspects to his family. As is, it's a 3. I will definitely be reading more of this authors work! Mar 25, Kimberly rated it liked it Shelves: read.