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Lula — Olha, deixa eu dizer uma coisa. Glenn — Mas isso funcionou durante o seu governo?

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Por causa disso, o Bolsonaro conseguiu explorar esse problema. Lula — Bem menor, bem menor.

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Bem menor. A mesma coisa na Europa com partidos nacionalistas e extremistas de direita. Isso vale para os Estados Unidos, vale para a Alemanha, vale para o Brasil, vale. Lula — Agora, veja. Tem um livro…. Qualquer coisa vale. Lula — Glenn, posso te dizer uma coisa?

(Português) Video: Glenn Greenwald Entrevista Lula – ‘Bolsonaro é a velha política, eu sou a nova’

Acho que o Bolsonaro aprendeu a fazer assim, porque deve ter feito muito assim nas minhas campanhas presidenciais. Glenn — Mas abandonado por quem? O mundo precisa de emprego. Lula — No meu governo, no meu governo eu nunca disse que era um governo socialista. O Collor… o Bolsonaro, tem Quem quer governar, governa com o que tem! Lula — Por que que eu fiz isso, por que eu fiz tudo isso, sabe, que eu acabei de dizer? Gera empregos. Coloca a economia para funcionar. Veja, vamos pegar o Bolsonaro. Pois bem, por que votaram nele?

Eu ia para casa me preparar para outra. Glenn — Eu vou falar o que eu sei. But first let me thank Diana for keeping alive and interesting this e-room. I went through it and appreciated the contributions. In our perspective, i. To put it in simples words: in general terms there may be no lack of funding, at least, when compared to the capability to absorb and transform the fund onto work. But to use the fund to, in an extremely costly way, extract the water of the subsoil and pump it, with photovoltaic energy, onto the rice water field instead of building up a small 2m to 5m dam, could match the profile of intergenerational crime when, on top, the water department is not even involved in authorising it.

Not to say that, the specific rice will come at a prohibitive cost. So, not being able to actually go to Brasilia to the Conference, I wish you all an extremely profitable experience. It ia a pity, you did not find time to contribute to the discussion early as it is obvious that you have unique experience to share and benefit the global water community.

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I truly believe, that Brazilian government will hear voices like yours to continue maintaining and developing the Your Voice platform and turn it into traditional e-room for discussion and sharing among water professionals, academia, youth and civil society representatives. I hope the best for you and for the e-room and the Your Voice Platform.

I'll do my best to keep in touch and possibly plan a visit to Brazil. But the work in Guinea-Bissau is quite rewarding. Dear Mr.

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Sabary, Welcome to People e-room! Thank you for raising this important issue. I fully join your opinion that poverty deprives children of opportunities for development and deprives people of choice making them vulnerable to manipulation and misuse. Our experience shows that provision of water and sanitation service have a lot to do with elimination of poverty and opening opportunities for better education, better health and easier access to job market especially for women and girls; especially those living in rural areas.

Como mudar essa realidade para milhares de mulheres no Brasil e no mundo? Continue contribuindo no portal. Dear Rayssa, Welcome to the People e-room! Today, at the International Women Day you raise a very important issue of security that provides opportunities for young people, and especially for girls, to get better education and to live in safe towns and cities. You are so lucky to have Professor Davi Silva Fagundes working with you. Wish you success! Dear Diana, Good morning!

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I am very grateful for your kind words and know that you have been a teacher. You know how hard we fight for the changes and seeds planted in the hearts of our wards to germinate and flourish. Time will tell us how we work the hearts of our pupils. It's good to know that you'll be at the World Water Forum. I was also invited by the Coordination to be on March 20, where I will participate in the discussions and presentation in the Portal Sua Voz, for the participation of my Students. We were the only Brazilian School to participate in this great event, coordinated by the University of Alberta in Canada, it would be a great date to be with us in the morning and afternoon.

In this way, it will be a great pleasure to receive it in our School and to know it and to pass on to our Students their experience as Teacher and moderator in the portal of the 8th World Water Forum.

Thus, we reinforced our invitation to be with us on March 21, in the morning and afternoon to present their work as moderator at the 8th World Water Forum. Of course we can count on your valuable contribution, and it will be a great pleasure to welcome you. Great work week on the 8th World Water Forum portal. Dear Prof. Fagundes, Congratulations for the great work you are doing! I very much hope, some of our People e-room visitors will be able to support your event and join to share their experience. For me 21 March is a very intensive day, and I already committed myself for 3 sessions starting at and finishing at I moderate 7c.

It is absolutely impossible for me to get out of the conference center on 21 March. Wish you full success with your event and all your efforts to raise your students! We might try to work together on some exchange youth projects on water and sanitation. I have a facebook account that will be easy to use to get in contact - it is quite unexpected but it seems that I am with a unique name.

Dear Maria, Dear Maria, Welcome to the People e-room! Thank you for your very useful contribution! It seems to be the case almost everywhere in the world, isn't it? So many institutions are responsible for water I really hope, they are not waiting for a miracle - as miracles are too risky to rely on when it comes to human lives, but will take the problem under control. Is it really so? A colega de classe Jhennifer Lima Freitas, 12 anos, sabe o que fazer para cuidar do meio ambiente. A escola levou dez estudantes ao evento. Ragundes, It is so exciting that you manage to involve your students in very meaningful activity promoting water as a precious resource we humans are obliged to preserve for humankind but also for ecosystems, nature and the Planet Earth!

Your students are blessed! Thank you immensely for your invitation to deliver a lecture in your school - I believe, you address it to all participants in the e-room.

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  6. I will take part in various sessions as speaker, moderator, panellist, as well as some meetings, etc. It looks like a very busy week really :- And it should be. How far is your school from Brasilia? And which are the dates you are interested to have lectures on water? The program's goal is to revitalize the springs that are supplied by the North Gualaxo River in Clear Water district of Mariana, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte RMBH with a goal to revitalize water springs.

    The North Gualaxo River is an important source of supply for agriculture and local livestock, and the revitalization of the important sources to improve the quality and quantity of water withdrawn. But the difference is that this project will integrate the "Payment Program for Environmental Services - PSA", which is the transfer of resources monetary or otherwise those who help maintain or produce environmental services.

    English to Portuguese / Portuguese to English translator - Tradutor Inglês-Português-Inglês

    That is, it is good to Mariana and good for farmers. The properties will be registered by the Department of Environment. For applications will require the registration in the Rural Environmental Registry CAR , permanent preservation areas of public or private property springs inserted in rural areas and areas in which there are no administrative or judicial obligations determining their recovery. All actions will be closely monitored by the Department of Environment, always attentive to the preservation of the environment.

    According to the Municipal Secretary for the Environment, Rodrigo Carneiro, the program brings environmental awareness. His involvement is required at all stages. Another distinguishing feature of this program is the inclusion of a new relationship between civil society, beneficiary of environmental services, and farmers. People now have greater interest in the environmental area, as they are indirectly sponsoring those projects, "said the secretary.

    The phone is: 31 Dear Sebastiao, Thank you immensely for the additional information you provided! It is a great example of ballansing contradictive interest in usage of water among urban area and farmers, as far as I understood. Does it also have to do anything with the Mariana mine crisis? Please, do not worry about offering translation to your contribution as Your Voice webpage offers authomatic translation of the whole page into all Google Translator languages with a botton up left on the webpage. Dear Sebastiao, Welsome to People e-room! Thank you for introducing this new for this e-room topic.

    As the audience is mainly international, please, will you tell us more about the background of this project. Mariana - does it have to do anything with the mine disaster a couple of years ago?