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He's developed best practice, veteran specific programs at the local, state, and national, including Justice For Vets, the largest advancing justice for veterans organization in the world. He speaks regularly at national conferences, and to policy makers as an advocate for veterans, and is also founding partner of an impact organization called Eagle OPS Veteran Foundation where their mission is c.

His involvement in multiple roles in the Oklahoma Psychological Association and his past service as a member and chair of the Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologists nurtured his interest in professional ethics standards and regulatory law.

Alumni News - Oklahoma City University

He has become a familiar presenter on these subjects within the Oklahoma health care community for over two decades. Her experience includes inpatient and outpatient practice serving children, adolescents, and adults, providing employee assistance services, as well as mediation and counseling for employees.

In addition, she has more than 8 years of experience in the field of disability services. Hoppe has also served as an adjunct faculty member for several universities. She is a Compassion Fatigue Specialist and completed her doctoral work in this area. Bret A.

Hubbard, DO, a board certified family practitioner, has extensive experience working with people struggling with chronic pain, other chronic illnesses, and addiction. Hubbard practices family medicine in Bixby, Oklahoma.


Hubbard also specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and addiction as well as numerous other complex medical conditions. Rebecca L.

Hubbard, a Human Development and Family Science Instructor at Oklahoma State University, has extensive experience working with children and adolescents as well as their families. Hubbard is focused on fostering childhood mental health, family resilience, and mental health stigma reduction through her roles as a mental health professional, a translational researcher, and a higher education instructor.

Deborah J. Hunter is a poet, essayist, actor, teaching artist, workshop facilitator and social justice activist. A staunch and longtime advocate and educator on issues pertaining primarily to mental illness and homelessness, her poetry and performances often speak to the realities of those populations. Angela Browne-Miller, Editor. She received her B. Louis, and her J. She is a licensed psychologist in Oklahoma. Her specialty areas include: corrections, forensics, juvenile offenders, severe mental illness, and geriatrics.

Johnna is responsible for facilitating tribal partnerships with the state in the field of mental health and substance use disorders. She also delivers training and technical assistance to tribal program and community partners. Kelly A. James has been working in the mental health field since with a variety of clients including children, adolescents, and individuals who have experienced traumatic life experiences.

She is a Licensed Professional She has experience with adults and children, therapy and rehabilitation, mental health and substance abuse and providing direct outpatient care. She has assisted with on-call and crisis intervention needs, mental health counseling to assist consumers in understanding, coping and overcoming behavioral health issues and is a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager.

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Erv Janssen, MD , Community Service Council Board of Directors, Tulsa, OK As a Board Member of the Tulsa Community Service Council, he us acutely aware of the timeliness to understand more about the immigration impact, build capacity for connecting and creating opportunity to learn from each other by convening and communicating. All of this influences the future of individuals, families and our community. He strongly supports the value of the promotoras program seeking to address the needs of individuals and families of the Latino communities.

She assisted in developing a Behavioral Health Case Management Team, one of the first in the Nation, which increased awareness of prevention and recovery in soldiers, implemented methods to increase early identification of behavioral health issues in soldiers who had recently returned from deployment, and to integrate civilian, military and veteran service systems across Oklahoma. Weekly at David L. Leslie has experience as a teacher in the public school setting and providing psychotherapy in the home, school and clinic-based settings.

Before moving to Tulsa, Kaitlin lived in Kansas and worked in an adolescent drug rehabilitation center, an equine assisted learning facility, and at a psychiatric hospital. Kaitlin has been in the Tulsa area since working in various outpatient and inpatient settings. Morton Comprehensive Health Services has employed Kaitlin as an outpatient therapist, providing counseling services in an area high school as well as seeing clients in office since She is licensed clinical mental health counselor LPC , experienced at both individual therapy and crisis intervention.

My passion is to give back to the community that has given me so much. She also coordinates a promotoras team community peer educators and teaches promotoras training through Tulsa Community College. She has built important community collaborations and assists families with child development assessment, monitoring and referrals. In Bolivia she obtained her academic degree in psychology and served 12 years supporting marginal populations through early childhood education and assistance for women. In her practice, she utilizes skills and techniques from a wide-range of therapeutic modalities.

However, she believes one of most powerful ways to help her clients is by incorporating literature and therapeutic journaling into her work with them. From working within an Oklahoma police department to working in a local high school, she has been able to cultivate and develop an expansive knowledge of the needs and resources of the Tulsa community. Emily has been counseling professionally for the past 5 years.

She has been a Lead Therapist and currently manages 10 therapists and provides therapy for clients as the Director of Behavioral Health at Morton Comprehensive Health Services. He is currently under supervision for licensure as a professional counselor. Blong is a proud member of the Oklahoma Hmong community, in which he hopes to help grow and modernize.

Blong dedicates his time and devotion to serving the Tulsa community and further expanding his own multicultural competence. He is currently employed at the Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice as a Mental Health Therapist, working with delinquent youth and their families through counseling and psycho-educational classes.

The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration

She utilizes both fields of study in her profession to guide individuals to become the best they can by while promoting the importance of education. Chantelle has seen the benefits of implementing PAX in the classroom, not only for students, but also for teachers. Nowadays though, he laughs when he shares stories of his years of impassioned activism. Those experiences, ranging from civil disobedience to lobbying legislators, entrenched in him a dedication to social change.

He serves society differently today, having traded activism for advocacy, and applies the lessons of his past to his work today. And as the need to rethink mental healthcare continues to grow, Sean is dedicated to ensuring that the professional peer advocate - voice of the voiceless - becomes an indispensable role in future models of care. Peter would go on to serve heroically in Vietnam in the U. Army where he would receive from the Vietnamese the Bronze Star with Valor equivalent for acts of bravery and heroism during The Tet Offensive.

Peter would finish his time in the Army as a First Lieutenant, and go on to a successful career within the energy industry where he worked with Gulf Oil and would eventually retire as VP from Citgo after a 40 year career. Following retirement Peter would discover a new passion, returning to his roots of service by serving those who have served and often battle to transition.

Martindale is a counseling psychologist with a PhD in counseling psychology from Texas Tech University. His specialty areas include community-based care, severe mental illness, geropsychology, and provision of mental health services via telemedicine in the private sector. Previously a professor at the University of Tulsa and currently the principle of a creative copywriting agency, McArtor teaches students and businesses the art of language.

Since its publication, the book has inspired a 6-week critical and creative writing workshop and has been taught to over at-risk and alternative school students. In her scholarly work, she has examined individual and collective factors related to academic, personal, and social success of various populations. He is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Georgia, and has a variety of research interests, including spirituality and self-awareness in the counseling relationship, as well as the interplay between spirituality and humanism. He has written or presented on topics including reflective practices and training, qualitative methods of research.

She has been in the social work field for 32 years and has held director positions at St.

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She currently serves as Clinic Manager, sees individual clients, and facilitates loss-specific groups on site. She was named Employee of the Year. Her current research amplifies factors pertaining to vulnerability, strengths, and functioning in the arenas of diversity, health, and community life.