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It told nothing of the things of the deep, of the breeze that gently hovers.

Such are the limits of a definition of worship when we try to describe what it means to honor God. Today you and I are living in a created universe that is actually singing worship to a worthy God. And I am reliably informed that on every good organ there are four principal stops.


I am told that that stop is very seldom in tune. If you put it in tune while the auditorium is cold, it would be out of tune when the auditorium is heated.

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And if you put it in tune when the auditorium is heated, it would be out of tune when the auditorium got cold. Now the great Organist was not only a musician, but He knew how to repair the organ.

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And, my beloved, the redeemed are the ones today who are to lift their voices in praise. They are the only ones who can.

Oh, to be in tune with heaven! The Lord Jesus has brought man back into a redemptive and right relationship with God that he might lift his voice in praise to Him. As I look about me in this world, I see every man playing his own little tune.

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One of these days out from the wings will step the Conductor, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the meantime, you can bow before Him and bring your own soul and your own heart into the harmony of heaven and worship Him, the One worthy of all praise. To compare the Psalms with a hymnbook is helpful. Many modern hymns arose as a result of a specific event in the life of a hymn writer, but the event remains hidden from those who sing the song today. Sign in Sign up. Federica Passamani submitted the lyrics for this song.

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