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The clerk called for one of his swampers and told the rummy to spread the news. Man Who Is Not Afraid was in town. Jamie soaped and scrubbed and did it again with buckets of hot water. Then he had the barber cut his long hair short. After Jamie had left, the barber carefully swept up the graying hair.

There were people who would pay a lot of money for a few strands of the hair of the man many Indians still called Man Who Plays With Wolves. Still others called the living legend Bear Killer.

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Dusk was settling over the mountains as Jamie went into the hotel bar and ordered a whiskey. He would linger over the amber liquid, savoring the hard flavor, and then have dinner. The menu on the chalkboard was beef and potatoes.

The men who had lined the bar shifted to one side, giving Jamie the entire left side of the long mahogany. After ordering his whiskey, Jamie spoke to no one in the bar, and no one spoke directly to him. A man wearing a star on his coat entered the room, looked at Jamie for a short time, then left. He did not leave because of fear, only because he knew MacCallister's reputation and knew Jamie would not deliberately provoke an argument with any innocent citizen.

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But the marshal also knew there were a couple of ol' boys in town who thought themselves to be tough, and when they heard that MacCallister was in town, they would brace him in hopes of gaining a reputation. The marshal didn't want to be around when that happened.

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The marshal went home to eat his own supper, and to hell with those two clowns who thought they were tough. And in two days, forgotten.

Jamie had just lifted the glass to his lips when the front door banged open and cold air swept through the barroom. Jamie did not turn his head to see who it was. He had positioned himself so he could watch the front door by using the long mirror behind the bar. Jamie sighed as he watched the two young men. Trouble, he thought.

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Local toughs wanting to make a reputation. Go away, boys. Go away. The barkeep slid a bottle down to them. He was being very careful to stay clear of the line of fire. The knot of men at the opposite end of the bar left to take tables. No one wanted to get shot. You heared of me, I reckon. Jamie was not really a drinking man, but he did enjoy one or two drinks occasionally. You don't get around much, do you? Well, I reckon a man of your advanced age pretty much has to stay close to hearth and home. Jamie said nothing. He placed his shot glass on the polished bar and waited.

He had left his heavy winter coat up in his room and wore a waist-length leather jacket over a dark shirt. Dark trousers and boots. Out of long habit, he had slipped the leather thongs off the hammers of his twin Colts before entering the barroom. He waited. I'm sick of it.

I don't think you done half of what people say you done. I think most of it was piff and padoodle.

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Now what do you think about that? Jamie was growing very weary of the pair of would-be toughs. But he didn't want to kill either of them. He turned to face the young man and smiled. He lifted one hand and waggled a finger at Black Jack. Jamie hit him with a left that produced a sound much like a watermelon struck with the flat side of a shovel. Jerking one of the young man's guns from leather, and holding the nearly unconscious Black Jack up between himself and Pullen, Jamie closed the few feet and laid the barrel of the gun against Pullen's head.

Jim Pullen hit the floor, his lights turned out. Jamie popped Black Jack again, and Black Jack joined his buddy on the floor for a nap. He took their pistols and walked out back to the privy, dropping the six-shooters down the twin holes.

Scream of Eagles

They disappeared forever with a splash. Back in the bar, the men seated at the tables winced at the power in those big arms as Jamie reached down with both hands and grabbed the sleeping young men by the backs of their shirt collars and dragged them outside, depositing them both in the street. In a back and forth game featuring plenty of high end scoring chances, the Cape Breton Eagles topped the Moncton Wildcats at Centre on Sunday. The Eagles struck….

A five game home stand comes to an end for the Cape Breton Eagles this afternoon as they take on divisional rival Moncton. The Eagles will look to a snap….

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A slow start was a bad omen for the Cape Breton Eagles as the club was topped by the Shawinigan Cataractes on Thursday night. Author Dan Snow. Author Peter Pomerantsev. Author Victor Gregg , Rick Stroud.

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