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Comment puis-je annuler la suspension de mon domaine? Estimamos que possa levar de 24 a 48 horas para o website voltar a ficar online. Fra 1. Phone : Email: vishnuvktvm gmail. E-mail : doctorpriyajain gmail. Shirly Goldestein. Is acertified Yoga Teacher since Naty has been teaching yoga to children ages 2 to12 years since She provides a wide range of programs and projects in a variety of settings, including primary schools, kindergartens, and preschools.

Luria Aviva. E-mail: avivanehora gmail. Noa Sharon.

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E- mail noagr gmail. EuropeanYogaFederation World. Filippo De Franceschi. Master student in Ayurveda.

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  7. She has always enjoyed and was fascinated by yoga, Indian culture and philosophies. Trainer of Yoga Teachers. Practise Yoga from under the guidance of various international yoga teachers. Qui apprende le tecniche dell' Hatha Yoga e Natya Yoga. Surya di Milano.

    Krisna Das. He is a master of Sitar and other Indian musical instruments, such as Surbahar, Saranghi, Harmonium etc. Widely known and appreciated both in India and in Europe, where he gives concerts during six months per year, he devote his life to music, transfusing in it a deep sense of joy and inner enchantment. He is a connoisseur and an interpreter of the ancient Veda philosophy.

    He is a composer of transcendental music. Carlo Di Bernardino. He published different works about clinical applications of Yoga and meditation in the rehabilitation of psychotics Mc Graw-Hill, He is author of 70 articles and 4 books about scientific approaches in cognitive psychotherapy of group. He have organized many nationals and internationals congresses about Well-Being, Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy of serious psychopathologies.

    Micaela Jorio.

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    I started practicing Hatha yoga in I collaborated with several olistic centers in Viterbo province and then I started a yoga center on my own in Sutri VT. I do manage courses, workshops, private lessons and yoga vacation. Cinzia Conte. Master student in ayurveda. She consolidates and improves her knowledge by practicing ayurvedic massage and ayurvedic therapies. Valeria Comito Viola.

    Holleman, R. Turla, B. Baleotti, L. Miele and F.

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    Gianna Todisco. I started to practice yoga in and, until , I have followed two different Yoga teachers and styles: first was very physical while second more spiritual and symbolic. Since I am practicing the Vipassana Meditation the buddhist meditation with a meditation teacher called Thanavaro.

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    In those years I had some experiences with yoga for children too. I am a member of Yoga National Teachers Association. Only in he became acquainted with Yoga and he soon devoted himself to this discipline. He also deepened other branches of Yoga during his stays in Orient. At the end of Nineties, thanks to his background and to his experience, he founded the Contemporary Yoga. Daniele Morganti. Tel: Mobile: plus. Lorenza Bolgiana. She has:.

    Nazzareno Quinzi. Ha, inoltre, conseguito il Master 2 in Yoga e Psicoterapia con il Dott. Mobile: The activities of the association focuses on the spread of yoga practice, of the spiritual disciplines and artistic expression as essential to human evolution. Con la madre, per anni ha lavorato in radio e tv locali. Un uomo di nome Stefania the Boopen Editore, Napoli, Opera anche e soprattutto a mezzo della propria stazione radiofonica, Radio Yoga Network. Guglielmo Colombi. Yoga praticioner, Yoga Teacher.

    He has direct a Yoga Center. He is an expert in the following areas: asana, pranayama, meditation in tibetan tradition: Naropa six Yogas, Inner Fire. Gabriella Ometto. In she obtained a three-years diploma at R. Resarch on Yoga and Education in a projet of Ministry of Education to get qualification to teach childrens in schools.

    She regularly teaches yoga to adult and children since Graziella Di Salvatore. Simboliche politiche e del sacro, Nuova Cultura, Roma , pp. Croce" di Pescasseroli AQ , nei corsi organizzati dal Centro territoriale Permanente CTP per l'Educazione Degli Adulti EDU , 80 ore di lezione di yoga con un progetto dal titolo: "Lo yoga: scienza della vita e dello spirito per il benessere psico-fisico della persona". Bianchi, Apprendere dal passato, vivere il presente, prepararsi al futuro, SpazioAttivo ed.

    Serena Zaganelli. Insegnante di Yoga dal presso diverse strutture comunali e private di Monza e Milano. Interessata allo studio di tematiche olistiche e spirituali da circa vent'anni ha intrapreso, nel tempo, differenti percorsi e studiato diverse tradizioni filosofiche, mantenendo sempre un approccio di ricerca sincretistico e comparativo. Giornalista free-lance, ha collaborato in ambito radiofonico speaker e giornalista ed editoriale. Ha fondato l'Associazione Culturale Iridescenza di Monza nel Rino Siniscalchi.

    La sua didattica punta specificamente alla consapevolezza del respiro e della colonna vertebrale. Insegna dal Marta Sirimbelli. During the time yoga has become my lifestyle and it has been enriched with daily sitting. In the last year I have also begun. Amadio Bianchi. I started teaching yoga in , since then I have always researched tne unity of body,.