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Rogers [xcH. Shuster [XNs. Troy Fason [yaO. Cox [YBD. By Emi Harrington [Z9m. Cable [ZB4. McNeill [zn3. The Stranger watches as a black power ring attaches itself to Crispus Allen 's body, turning him into a Black Lantern, and sealing the Spectre within him. In the tie-in one-shot revival of Phantom Stranger 42, the Stranger, with the help of Blue Devil , attempts to fight the Black Lantern Spectre, but fails.

The two then travel to Nanda Parbat , where the Stranger helps Deadman remove the black ring from his body. The Stranger has the body brought into Nanda Parbat and placed under guard, stating that it is of "singular importance". While not named explicitly, the necklace he wears is presumed to be made from the 30 pieces of silver that he received for his betrayal of Jesus Christ.

His hair and eyes become totally white from the experience. In this origin tale he is about to hang himself when his suicide attempt is stopped by a mysterious group of individuals.

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He is subsequently judged along with Pandora of Pandora's Box fame and another man who was turned into the Question. Thousands of years later, he is guided to help desperate former detective Jim Corrigan find his kidnapped girlfriend. He leads him to the abandoned warehouse where she has been kept, but this turns out to be a trap. Corrigan is killed by the kidnappers, then transforms into the Spectre and accuses the Stranger of betraying him.

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As the Spectre is about to attack the Stranger, a mysterious Voice sends him off to inflict his wrath on the more deserving. As payment for what occurred with Corrigan, one coin drops off the necklace he was cursed with made of the 30 pieces of silver he betrayed Jesus for and the Stranger realizes he has more encounters ahead of him before he is forgiven.

Pandora meets the Phantom Stranger and tells him she needs his help to find the person who can open her box. He refuses, reminding her of the last time the box was opened, when the sins of the world were unleashed. To this, she responds that she only wants to save everyone from what she unleashed. The Phantom Stranger rejects the offer, but Constantine feels he will eventually come around and be on the Justice League Dark's side.

Zauriel also states to the Phantom Stranger that if he tries, he will be erased from time and history forever. The natures of these are as mysterious as the Stranger himself, who seems to be effectively immortal, never aging. The Phantom Stranger has demonstrated enormous powers and capabilities, the exact origin of which is undetermined. He can travel enormous distances in a very short period of time, such as to the JLA Watchtower and Apokolips , as well as to mystical dimensions, such as Heaven, Hell and the realm occupied by the Quintessence although he is forbidden from entering Heaven directly.

He can fire energy bolts of great force, travel through time, dispel magic, reveal illusions, and survive in space without any type of life support system; on one occasion, he created a mystical shield that protected Superman from any spells cast against him directly in preparation for Superman's upcoming confrontation with Arion. The limits of his power have not been defined.

In many cases, despite his obvious capabilities, he claims he is not allowed to end a crisis directly, only to guide others to take the necessary actions this restriction allows the Stranger to guest-star in virtually any title without becoming a deus ex machina , whose actions would immediately end the story. This allows him to provide helpful advice and assistance to others.

He claims that "nothing remains hidden to [him].

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In Animal Man 19, Animal Man had found himself trapped in the s in a ghost-like state in between reality and non-reality.