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I have two awesome kids, Everett, 4 more coordinated than I am… and I danced in college! I spend most of my free time with my family, we love to be active by playing sports and being outdoors. To escape the Phoenix heat in the summer, we spend many weekends up in Pinetop, AZ enjoying the cooler weather and greenery Phoenix is very… brown.

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I look forward to the days when the boys are older and all four of us can golf on the weekends. Lastly, I am an avid college basketball fan of which my loyalty is to the University of Kansas Jayhawks where I got my undergrad in Journalism. I never miss a game and love to cheer on my team, Rock Chalk! About Mike: Growing and fostering our creative team is my number one priority at Atomic. I take great pride in helping enable our talented team members to achieve their personal goals.

I enjoy working at the intersection of business and technology. I love helping clients research, identify, and create the right software products to suit their needs. The moment they hit my ears, I knew I wanted to Help successful businesspeople get unstuck and grow their businesses. I use that laser focus to help you enhance, improve, increase and evolve not only your business but yourself. I lead you away from your comfort zone to an explosive new frontier of your shifting mindset to increased awareness. I work with you to identify your stuck and get you unstuck. We will zoom in to create a living business plan that will accelerate your business.

We dive into creating the organizational chart of the right people, creating the processes and systems that get your company in growth mode and work together to infuse consistency and accountability to keep everyone on track. We evolve a culture where you and your team are inspired, motivated, successful leaders with greater, more effective communication, bolder execution- and in possession of a detailed roadmap to execute deliverable results.

Having previously worked in an eclectic mix of industries — from investment banking, to non-profits to tech — she brings a unique perspective to organizational management. Vivian has spearheaded several new initiatives since joining Arkadium in To name a few: the rollout of a self-directed learning budget provided annually to every employee, demystification of career advancement in the form of transparent promotion-tracking, and the cultivation of an environment that emphasizes effective coaching at all levels of the organization.

In May, Jay founded the Do More Good Movement to help educate, empower and amplify companies and business leaders doing more good. Jay is among the highest-ranking speakers at conferences all over the U.

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His TEDx talk on company culture has more than 1 million views. About Camille: As CEO of a decision intelligence consultancy, Camille understands what it takes to make business decisions while operating in volatile environments and building strong cultural buy-in.

She believes operationalizing customer centricity as a strategy for growth will produce consistent results and have a harmonizing effect on decision makers inside Fortune companies. Beyond driving behaviors through impactful communication, knowledge activation, and change management initiatives, she operates under the belief that people realize their full potential when put in the right seats. Her grounding vision is to foster a culture where purpose, transparency, and innovation shape a company fit for the future.

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Camille is the sole owner of Gongos, Inc. Jillian received her B. For over four years, Jillian has worked as a freelance writer, working with a range of diverse clients to provide creative, high-quality writing, editing, and social media services. Jillian partners with brands to elevate their messaging, strengthen their voice, and create consistent, powerful copy.

She is excited to work with the Small Giants Community to tell the incredible stories of its leaders and promote their philosophies the world over. Outside of her daily work, Jillian loves to write and read short fiction and essays. I started my career in the corporate world with Microsoft in and have since stayed in the software industry but in different roles.

  1. Defining Culture;
  2. THE GASMAN (a Literary Sweet Roll);
  3. Richard L. Godfrey.

Over the last 10 years at Loop1 we have built a strong professional services business that we are very proud of. My family is healthy and happy living good habits and actively involved in our community. I have been able to achieve my triathlon goals. My marriage is strong and thriving, and Marispy and I are enjoying life together.

Lois Truelove was born and raised in southern Louisiana, where she attended the University of New Orleans. Throughout her professional career, Lois has served in various industries including banking, teaching, and real estate. Lois joined Essential Ingredients in Lois is committed to making sure customers are delighted with the customer experience that Essential Ingredients provides. Lois and her husband Chad have three children: Morgan, Graham, and Mason.

Lois likes to take her dog on long walks, cook, enjoy quiet family time, and travel back to New Orleans as much as possible.


Email Lois. Finally, play more music and read more philosophy. Email Jimmy. Email Arin. Tracey has served in various leadership roles with community and professional organizations and is an active member of her local church. She lives in Canton and has two daughters. Jayden will be graduating and she will have been taught values and will have the tools to continue to grow as a Christ-follower.

On the shoulders of Giants

From my adolescents, through college, and into my early professional career, I was searching for that magical job that would bring me happiness. In all honesty, Managed Print Services never crossed my mind. Sometimes things have a way of falling into place. Along the way, I also picked up a passion for theater, music, and team bonding, which I try to incorporate into my work as often as possible.

Email Connie. From the early age of 9, April Anderson knew she wanted to be a baker and started making treats for her family on a regular basis.

It was during this time that April knew that she wanted to open a bakery in Detroit. In September , April along with partner, Michelle Anderson, opened their first bakery in Detroit on the historic Avenue of Fashion. Email April. I figured I will work my way up. Email Sasha. I am an individual driven for constant improvement. I strive to be a better version of myself each day. When my daughter was born five years ago it opened my awareness to not only question how to improve but how can I be better for others.

After several years in Chicago, Lauren and her husband, Chris, spent a year traveling to more than 50 countries before returning to her home state of Michigan. They live in Allen Park with their son. Christina Moore has experience in transactions involving securitization and warehousing of vacation ownership receivables, accounts receivable sale and hypothecation, real estate and related-asset secured loans and other complex credit facility transactions.

Additionally, Ms.

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Moore has been involved in the structuring and regulatory compliance of resort and leisure developments such as condominium, hotel, timeshare, fractional development, condo-hotel, vacation clubs and destination clubs. She also assists clients in state and federal regulatory compliance with marketing and telemarketing laws, including sweepstakes; prize and gift promotions; do-not-call and various other Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission; state statutes and regulations; and she represents clients in marketing trade practice cases.

Her depth of experience allows her to comfortably and knowledgeably work all aspects of a transaction and offer a full range of services to clients needing answers in just a single phone call. She also recognizes the need to balance the legal framework of regulations and in transactions with the business goals of growth and development. Continue to balance work and family with a client base that is one I enjoy. Email Christina. Nine years ago I made a change and went from working for a publicly-traded company with thousands of employees to working for a privately owned business with six employees.

I was brought on as the Chief Compliance Officer and have taken on various roles over the years. I have found that I truly enjoy the Human Capital side of the business. Email Brenda. Katie has a dual B. Outside of her work at Spika, she owns a local events and activities promotion website — hiddenmt. She also enjoys spending time with her two Pyrenees dogs and her two cats. Email Katie. I have a laid back go with the flow personality and love getting to know new people. Email Trevor. Prior to joining Vivayic, I worked for a large private corporation as a Retail Sales Supervisor and managed a territory of 30 sales reps.

After a couple years there, I worked in marketing for a company that manages loyalty cards for grocery store chains. Around the same time, Vivayic was starting to take off, which my husband and I became co-owners of in along with Seth and Carrie Derner. In the beginning, I worked part-time as the bookkeeper, and in came aboard full-time to fill the role of Business Manager, including all financial and human resources activities, which is what I still do today, along with duties on the ownership team. Email Michelle.

Lorena is currently the Resource Manager at Vivayic where she inspects, schedules, reviews data and makes sure the right people and resources are on board for any particular solution. Before coming to Vivayic a year ago, Lorena worked in both city and state governments where she coordinated youth development programs, community-based programming, and workforce programs.

She created a unique culture for her teams; a culture where it was safe for her departments to work alongside and learn from other departments; a culture where her team coordinated with public partners, non-profits, and businesses to identify community needs and solutions. Email Lorena. At Loop1, Maggie is responsible for the development and execution of the financial and operational plan, metrics tied to that plan, and the ongoing progress and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

When not buried in spreadsheets, Maggie enjoys traveling with her husband, gardening, and taking her two dogs on long walks. I am thriving — I have a healthy, happy family. I have received my CPA certification, my husband has found his place in his career, and we are where we want to be wherever that may be.