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The images of all kinds integrated right into the editor present a great boost for faster work. Look forward to new updates, congrats to the team!

Why do we still believe in 'lunacy' during a Full Moon?

I love this product because I'm a Windows user and I need a free tool for graphic design, you know. Lunacy is a good solution for that. Log In Sign up. Lunacy 4.

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Tweet Share Embed. It's Sketch for Windows with numerous and diverse design assets.

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Join the discussion on Product Hunt, where Lunacy 4. In this version, it operates as a full-fledged graphic editor with icons, photos, masked images and illustrations integrated and ready to use.

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Release History New features and fixes for each version of Lunacy. Would you recommend this product? Yes No. What is the pronunciation of lunacy?

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Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. Generally relates to an obsurdly confusing situation one may find themselves in; often shocking, offensive, and in poor taste. Having little or nothing to do with decency. Pertains strongly to the inquiry of, "What the fuck were you thinking?!

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After walking in on your girlfriend hooking up with someone else: " What the fuck is going on here?! This is lunacy! A slightly more musical way of saying "insanity". It was once an accepted medical term, but like "retarded" and "dwarf" it has fallen by the wayside.

The word derives from the belief that mental illness is somehow related to the phases of the moon, a conviction widely held until it was debunked by the advent of modern medicine. Seward to Renfield , Bram Stoker's Dracula. Luna-cy unknown.

The art of intentionally understating one's strength, see sandbagging with the intention of deceiving one's opponents, he then can reveal a hidden strength to take the opponent by surprise.