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List of claimed first novels in English

Please note: the novel award is open to writers in Britain and Ireland. British and Irish nationals living overseas are not eligible. This will be published in October to coincide with the prize-giving ceremony and announcement of the results of the competition. We know writers usually have multiple draft versions of their work.

Please double check you have the correct version of your novel, including the synopsis, ready to upload. My living room wasn't big enough to hold my excitement.

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Read more: Best books on writing fiction—recommended books for novelists. Know the mechanics of writing.

Olive Kitteridge Book Summary – A Guide to ‘Olive, Again’ Prequel

Well, if books are your chosen medium, you should probably master the written language. Read more: Kick-start your own career development program for new novelists. Know how to effectively revise. Writing your novel is actually the smallest and often fastest part of creating a novel. Your greatest skill as an author is your ability to iterate and revise: your concept, your outline, your completed story, and finally your writing.

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  7. Learn to revise at every level to make your story shine. Read more: How to revise your manuscript—first draft to final draft. Connect with colleagues. Look for groups where you can rub elbows with authors at all levels, from new writers to established authors; genre groups and organizations are best at this. Seek out groups with members who are finishing books and selling them, not just talking about writing.

    Read more: Find a critique partner or writing group.

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    Get more practice. Every novel is an opportunity to learn something new about writing. Some novelists need more trial and error than others, but everyone needs development time. Get in there and practice. Besides, nothing sells a first novel like having another on tap.

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    When I read Olive Kitteridge in , I remember thinking how unusual it was to encounter a heroine with so many traits we think of as unlikable. Olive is brisk—to the point of incivility. And Olive is definitely not an ideal wife and mother.

    But on the other hand, Strout's protagonist is always there in a pinch. She has a well-honed bullshit detector. And this remains true in Olive, Again , where Olive is older and perhaps slightly wiser