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Sign-Up to receive our monthly e-newsletter, The Advisor. Each edition contains valuable articles on topics important to entrepreneurs. Download our whitepaper, The 5 Milestone Steps of Buying a Business, for an overview of the process and our approach. Find your local Sunbelt office and begin your business search today.

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If your search takes longer than a few months, you may need to return to the education step. We will share with you our expertise in deal structure, by helping you draft a contingent offer on a business that you would like to buy. A purchase and sale agreement will be presented to the seller with a deposit of good faith held in escrow to demonstrate your seriousness. After any negotiations, you should be left with an executed contingent purchase agreement to buy a business. We will coordinate the efforts of your legal and accounting professionals and strive to satisfy all contingencies.

If there is financing involved your application must be approved by the lender, proving that you are qualified for repayment of the loan. Final preparations will be made for lease assignments, utility transfers, financing, merchant service accounts, inventory counts and any other last minute preparations to make the transfer as seamless as possible.

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Your acquisition will usually be completed by an attorney with the signing of several documents and the payment of the balance of the purchase price. Transitional training by the seller may include meetings with employees and clients, technical education, computer updating, and other essential knowledge transfer.

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We will be available to assist you with any questions or post closing requirements you may have. Remember what you have learned throughout this process, because when the time comes, Transworld will still be here to help you sell your business. Many additional questions may arise during the buying process. Please do not hesitate to have us explain in detail any portion of this process. Buy a Business.

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Select County. In this section Lodging applications Pay your transfer duty Buying a property First home buyers. Buying off-the-plan Surcharge purchaser duty Buying a business Deceased estate transfers. Family transfers Landholder duty Compliance. Transfer duty is due three months after you sign the business sale agreement.

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Assets included A business is any activity you do regularly with the aim of making a profit. To work out the value of your business, include: land and property interest in land, such as a lease plant and equipment shares and units goods that are not stock-in-trade, under manufacture, or excluded from transfer duty. Excluded assets Generally, you will not pay transfer duty on: goods that are stock-in-trade manufacturing materials, or anything under manufacture assets used on land for primary production livestock registered vehicles ships or vessels.

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  • The exception applies to assets that cannot be moved from the property. From 30 June , you also no longer have to pay transfer duty on: gaming machines intellectual property used in NSW licences or permissions under NSW law or Commonwealth law, if used in NSW, such as a taxi licence or water access licence the goodwill of a business, if it supplies goods or services in NSW.

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    Open all. Under section 26 of the Duties Act The Chief Commissioner will disregard the value of the goods in a dutiable transaction if the dutiable value of the other dutiable property does not exceed 10 per cent of the dutiable value of all the dutiable property in the transaction. Buying land and assets under separate contracts Transfer duty is calculated as though it's one transaction when land and business goods are sold under different agreements, but as part of the same arrangement, including: agreements containing an inter-dependency clause where the parties entered into options before making the final agreements.

    Calculating transfer duty The easiest way to work out how much transfer duty you'll need to pay is by using our online calculator. Calculate your transfer duty Contact us Contact us for more information on buying a business and paying transfer duty. Previous Surcharge purchaser duty.