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But do you resent the rather one-dimensional perception people seem to have of the band?

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Where do you think the more overtly sexual of your songs fit in, in an era of AIDS and safe sex? The correlation between hard-core funk music and sexuality is so undeniable that to write about it and to sing about it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. So we did it, and we still do it. You just have to be more careful and more thoughtful. Just out of curiosity, have you ever had an AIDS test? I was tested today. I go to a lot of different doctors.

I go to an acupuncturist, and I have a homeopathic doctor. I was on pins and needles for days until I found out. The second one was when I started going out with this girl, and her mother was really into finding out that I was OK. And that was a little nerve-racking. I imagine you found that fairly insulting.

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And the ad agency was very pleased, and the government was very pleased. The ironic fact was that I never did what it was that I was accused of. What was it that caused all the uproar? Five years ago after a show in Virginia, this girl accused me of indecent exposure and sexual battery. I was guilty of the indecent exposure. And I told the judge that. We went to court, it was a very conservative county, and they convicted me of both things.

But once you get into the court, anything can happen. You do have a rep as a major womanizer.

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Like so many millions of other men on this planet, I love women. I love their essence and the way they think and the way they talk and the way they move and the way they feel. Yes, I have a strong appreciation for women. He really fancies himself a connoisseur of women. Can you ever picture yourself settling down and having kids? I love children, and eventually I would love to have a relationship with a child of my own.

I would hate to subject a child to the more insidious elements of my own personality. And to me, the appreciation of a child is the ultimate compliment. Come again? But they finally said yes. That could be the pinnacle of our career. Your own upbringing was extremely liberal, especially during the time you spent with your dad. I want to talk about that, but first I wanted to ask you about your mom. When I was growing up, my mother was the perfect picture of unconditional love and worked her ass off to support me for about 10 years.

What sort of things do you remember from your time with her? I remember everything. We lived in Grand Rapids, Mich. She went to work every day. She was a secretary at a law firm. And I did my hooligan, roughneck thing.

Titillating tidbits from the court of the Sun King

I went to a school that integrated deaf and mentally retarded kids, and I was sort of the self-appointed defender of these kids. Yucky soggy salad. No bueno on the painted toenails. Or finger nails for that matter…. Except I do usually take it off the wall after making, as Harris calls it, wall art , and throw it away. I was always really bad about that when I was younger, but have gotten better! I like it, and it makes me feel like it's actually cleaner! I read this post yesterday during a small reading group she don't tell and I was literally having to stifle giggles the whole time.

I have quite a few of these same confessions. Except for the cold beer. Your email address will not be published.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. These are my confessions…. Kim Kimberleys Quests on March 26, at am. Kathy Vodka and Soda on March 26, at am. Amanda Elizabeth - Meet the Barre on March 26, at am. Pleas e and Carrots on March 26, at pm. Kelli She Crab Soup on March 26, at pm. I'm great at toes bad a fingers, I need my toes to look good for the beach! The Pink Growl on March 26, at pm.

I do 1 too!!!! Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee on March 26, at pm. Our microwave needs to be cleaned SO bad. It looks like a fucking murder scene right now!

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Amber in South Carolina on March 26, at pm. Heidi on March 26, at pm. SMD lifeaccordingtosteph on March 26, at pm. As I get older ice cold water is harder for me to drink.