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Director s Rob Pallatina. Scenes of violence involve humans battling against aliens using guns, munitions, fireworks and garden tools. A woman sustains a shrapnel wound resulting in a piece of metal having to be pulled from her leg. This work is made up of a number of separate components.

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Note that since February the BBFC has measured each component separately, but older works may not have the exact details, only a list of titles. This classification may also be used when the same work is made available on Digital Video Platforms including Video On Demand provided that the platform is licenced to use BBFC ratings.

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Raymundo Medina Lisa Ries. English German.

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Growing up, there was a non-network affiliated TV station out of Detroit that did the "Saturday Afternoon Creature Feature" always a monster movie at noon followed by the "Saturday Afternoon Matinee" which was an action, sci-fi, or horror film - movies with the tone and feel of this movie. I used to let everything slide on those Saturday matinee movies, and this is no different.

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Should you pay to see this? Should you forgo something else for this? Do you have Prime and want some cheesy sci-fi on a Saturday afternoon?

Nicht anders hier. Am Ende bekommt aber eigentlich genau das was man erwartet: einen billigen Alien-Invasion-Trash-Film. I can only thank god that this was not in cinemas and went straight to DVD instead. Saved a whole nation of this atrocity.

Where do i start? The acting?

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The special effects? The plot?

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  4. This was supposed to be about the US government who had kept some technology from an alien race and now they have invaded to get it back. For about a full hour of this film, it was literally the characters just running from and shooting at the aliens.

    City Siege 4: Alien Siege

    Pretty dull and not very entertaining. The last 20 minutes or so was their execution of their plan to blow up the alien spaceship which consisted of probably the worst special effects AND acting i think i have seen all year. They say never judge a book by it's cover and this is one example. The movie poster may look pretty good, but the film was just dire. Alien Siege is the first Asylum movie that I havn't really liked.